2017 Medical Cannabis Conference: Speakers

Cannabis in Cancer Care

Neil McKinney, ND

Bio: Dr. McKinney graduated from Simon Fraser University with degree in biosciences, and had a career in biophysical (radiation) cancer research. In 1985 he received a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from National College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. McKinney founded the BC Naturopathic Association and the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. Author of several textbooks of naturopathic oncology, Dr. McKinney lectures to doctors internationally and contributes to publication for professionals and the public. Dr. McKinney is well known for his generous sharing of time and writings to mentor students and peers. He has received a number of awards for contributions to advancing the scope and standards of the naturopathic profession. He has a practice with a focus on integrative oncology in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Practical Use of Cannabinoids in Clinical Practice

Chris Meletis, ND

Bio: Dr. Chris D. Meletis is an educator, international author and lecturer. His personal mission is “Changing America’s Health One Person at a Time.” He believes that when people become educated about their body, that is the moment when change begins. He has authored 16 books and over 200 national scientific articles in such journals and magazines as Natural Health, Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Life Extension and Natural Pharmacy. Dr. Meletis served as Dean of Naturopathic Medicine and Chief Medical Officer for 7 years and was awarded the 2003 physician of the year by the American association of Naturopathic Physicians. He has a deep passion for helping the underprivileged and spearheaded the creation of 16 free natural medicine healthcare clinics in the Portland metropolitan area of Oregon. He now serves on several scientific advisory boards for the nutraceutical industry educating healthcare professionals internationally on the latest innovations, scientific research and clinical applications of natural products to support the innate healing and rebalancing capacity of the human body.

The CBD Evidence Base; Cannabis Chemistry: Understanding the Terpenes

Kevin Spelman, PhD

Bio: Dr. Kevin Spelman is an internationally recognized expert on the molecular biology and clinical therapeutics of botanical medicines and new product development. A past National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellow and Marie Curie research fellow in the European Union, he has published 27 scientific papers and 6 chapters. Dr. Spelman has also practiced clinical phytotherapy for 20 years in various medical centers as well as advised the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and most recently was invited to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy conference on the microbiome. Dr. Spelman has also consulted for the Department of Defense on specific therapeutic outcomes using natural products. Past research projects have included the elucidation of various phytochemicals influencing the endocananbinoid system, the molecular biology of cannabinoid receptors, where he was the first researcher to elucidate cannabinoid ligands in Zanthoxylum spp. Other research has included brain and ovarian cancer, clinical investigations, immunological studies and chemical analysis on multiple medicinal plants. Dr. Spelman is an adjunct assistant professor at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, an adjunct professor of botanical medicine at National College of Natural Medicine and a distinguished lecturer at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Dr. Spelman is also a member of the prestigious College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy in the UK.

Oregon Cannabis Law and Naturopathic Doctors

Vincent Sliwoski
Partner, Harris Bricken

Bio: Vincent is a leading practitioner in Oregon’s fast evolving cannabis industry, with a practice focused on business, intellectual property and real estate matters. Vince serves as an adjunct professor at Lewis & Clark Law School, where he teaches Cannabis Law & Policy. He is a weekly contributor to his law firm’s Canna Law Blog, an ABA 100 blog, published daily, and writes a bi-weekly column for the Portland Mercury titled “Ask a Pot Lawyer.” A frequent presenter, Vince regularly speaks on marijuana business law for CLE, Oregon State Bar, and industry events.

Cannabinoids for Inflammation and the Immune System

Sunil Pai, MD

Bio: Sunil Pai, MD is internationally recognized an expert in Integrative Medicine, a health activist/influencer and thought leader in the wellness industry. He is one of first formally Fellowship trained Integrative Medicine MD’s in the U.S. and has been trained in Family Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Neuro & Medical Acupuncture, Homotoxicology, Physiological Regulating Medicine and Plant Based Nutrition. He specializes in formulation of natural products from raw materials to manufacturing and following them through to clinical studies. Dr. Pai recently released his critically acclaimed book An Inflammation Nation The Definitive 10-step Guide to Preventing, Treating and Reversing All Diseases Through Diet, Lifestyle and the Use of Natural Anti-Inflammatories The book was chosen by Kirkus Reviews to be listed in the Best of 2016 Indie Books. His most recent lectures at medical conferences include The Role of Plant Based Diets and Natural Anti-Inflammatories for Preventing, Treating and Reversing Chronic Diseases and Cancer; Cannabinoid Medicine From Industrial Hemp Oil: Another Practical and Legal Cannabidiol (CBD) Alternative; and Inflammation and its effects on vascular pathology and chronic disease: PEMF application in Integrative Medicine.

An ND’s Approach to Therapeutic Use of Cannabis in Clinical Practice

Shena Vander Ploeg, ND

Bio: Dr. Shena Vander Ploeg is a Naturopathic Physician focusing on integrative functional wellness care in her private practice. Her passionate interest in botanical medicine with special attention on endocannabinology continues to grow. She has worked as a consultant for integrative cannabis clinics in Washington and Oregon. Locally she has aligned with MDs to gain unique perspective on clinical use of cannabis through the OMMP. She aims to elucidate her experience in hopes of assisting you in navigating this ever-changing and intriguing aspect of medicine.

Practical Use of Cannbinoids; Cannabinoids for Inflammation

Brian Martin, ND

Bio: Dr. Martin graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) in Biology and Chemistry. He continued his studies for four years at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon obtaining his Naturopathic Doctorate Degree (ND). Dr. Martin spent an extra year of training in the East Moreland Hospital Emergency Ward. In 1993 he opened NaturoMed Health Clinic. In 2002 Dr. Martin opened Canada’s first medically supervised fitness clinic, which later merged with Look Good in Your Genes (LGYG) to form EnerChanges in December 2004. Dr. Martin is a Diplomate in Anti-Aging Medicine from American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and is board-certified in Chelation Therapy. Additionally, he is a former president of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (CNPBC) with which he has served in various capacities. A visionary and leader in complementary therapies, Dr. Brian Martin specializes in chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. He is also expert in treating some difficult common problems such as obesity, infertility, and chronic fatigue. He is also a specialist in menopause, hormonal dysfunction and other anti-aging modalities.

Cannabis in the Therapeutic Order

Paul Bergner

Bio: Paul Bergner is a medical herbalist, clinical nutritionist, educator, author, and naturalist. He has studied and practiced natural medicine, nutrition, and medical herbalism since 1973 and has published and edited the Medical Herbalism journal since 1989. He has written seven books on herbalism, nutrition, Chinese medicine, folk ethnobotany, and naturopathic medicine. Paul has taught all aspects of medical herbalism and clinical nutrition since1996, and has taught nutrition academically at both the university undergraduate and master’s levels. He has mentored more than 300 students through 8-month clinical residencies in integrated herbalism and nutrition.