NUNM Starter Medicinary Program

A benefit offered exclusively to our newest graduates!

Beginning this year, the NUNM Alumni Office is offering a special opportunity to our most recent graduates: the Starter Medicinary. The Starter Medicinary is a pioneering program that helps you serve your patients in clinical practice by equipping you with a robust medicinary from the very first day you begin to practice natural medicine. This is an incredible way to help you establish a practice that is comprehensive and affordable because you do not have to purchase any products up front.

How it Works

Through the NUNM Partners Program, select companies have agreed to consign their most widely used products to you for the first six months (180 days) you’re in practice. The original Starter Medicinary would be interest and payment free for 180 days and then you will be responsible for either returning the Starter Medicinary or paying for it in six equal non-interest bearing installments.  The intention of this program is to reduce the financial burden of opening a new practice by front-loading your Medicinary and spreading out the costs of products over the first year.

Product Knowledge Days

In order to maximize your understanding of and effectiveness at using the products contained within the Starter Medicinary, participating companies will offer specific Product Knowledge Days for you to attend. Additionally, once you know when and where your practice will open, you will provide that information to NUNM’s Alumni Office so we can coordinate shipping the contents of your Starter Medicinary to you.

How to Qualify

To qualify to participate in the Starter Medicinary program, you must complete the form below. Elysia Nelson, Advancement Officer,, will then contact you to discuss the program in greater detail. By completing the form below, you are not yet agreeing to comply with all the Starter Medicinary terms and conditions. You will be given more detailed information prior to that step happening.

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