2017 SIBO Symposium

June 3-4, 2017 | NUNM Campus

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) has been linked with many cases of IBD and IBS, chronic conditions that affect millions of patients. Learn how to diagnose and treat SIBO in your practice. Lab testing procedures, dietary protocols, and prescription medications will all be reviewed. Exciting new research will be presented.

12.25 CEUs (including 3.5 pharmacy) pending approval by OBNM
12.25 Prescribed Credits pending approval by AAFP
12.25 PDA points pending approval by NCCAOM
12.00 CPEs approved by CDR
10.25 Category B Credits approved by California Board of Chiropractic Examiners


Mark Pimentel, MD – SIBO Overview; Methane and Autoimmunity

Kate Scarlata, RDN, LDN – Overview of Nutritional Therapies for SIBO

Paul Anderson, NMD – Methylation, Genomics, and SIBO

Melanie Keller, ND – Risk Factors and Environmental Toxins; Managing Treatment Failures in SIBO, IBS and IBD

Lela Altman, ND, MSA, LAc – Elemental Diet Protocol

Natalie Gustafson, PharmD – Low-dose Naltrexone and Low-dose Erythromycin

Laurie Menk Otto, ND, MPH – NUNM Research Update