2018 SIBO Symposium | General Information

June 9–10, 2018 | NUNM Campus

The 2018 Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) symposium will explore the underlying causes of SIBO and provide clinical strategies for preventing post-treatment relapse in your patients. Expert presenters will explain how to diagnose and either treat or make educated referrals to effectively manage the underlying causes of bacterial overgrowth.

  • 12 CEUs pending approval through OBNM
  • 12 prescribed credits pending approval through AAFP
  • 12 PDA points pending approval by NCCAOM


Spotlight on Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND

Celebrating his 40 year anniversary in practice and graduation from NUNM!

“It gets more fascinating and enjoyable every passing year of practice!”

-Steven Sandberg-Lewis

Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND attended the National College of Natural Medicine in the 1970’s. NCNM’s naturopathic program was leasing a science building from Kansas Newman College, now called Newman University. The first two years, he studied basic sciences in the flatlands of Wichita, Kansas. “It was a long, strange trip, for a wet-behind-the-ears nineteen year-old Rutgers College kid.” In 1978, after a few sweltering summers and frozen winters, he moved with his class to golden Portland, Oregon to start the clinical years.

Back then, the NCNM school and clinic were in the Postal Building on SW 3rd and Alder in downtown Portland. “We had a switchboard operator answering the calls that would literally ‘connect’ the callers by plugging wires into the board.” While working toward completing his clinical residency, SS-L had many patient contacts since there were less than 30 students in each of the 3rd and 4th year student groups. He graduated from NCNM in 1978 and opened his own practice.

“The first 18 years of practice were both small town and some Portland area general practice (including obstetrics), while also teaching as an adjunct from 1985-1990 at NCNM (Clinical Physical Diagnosis I, II and III.)” In 1996 SS-L moved to Orcas Island, Washington where he taught for a year at Bastyr University and continued his practice. In 1997, he returned to Portland, Oregon as full-time faculty at the now National University of Natural Medicine “The last 21 years, my specialty focus has been on gastroenterology. After writing my textbook on functional gastroenterology, the international world of professional speaking opened up to me.”

Exhibitor tables are still available.

Please contact Jeremy Sloan for information at jsloan@nunm.edu