Integrative Genetics Conference

September 23-24, 2017 | NUNM Campus

Explore new advancements in genetic testing and analysis that can enhance the diagnosis and treatment of challenging conditions. Learn about pharmacogenetics—the study of inherited genetic differences in drug metabolic pathways that can affect individual responses to drugs. Deepen your knowledge on how epigenetic changes can affect your patients.

12 CEUs (including 3.75 pharmacy) pending approval by OBNM
12 PDA points pending approval by NCCAOM


Chris Meletis, ND – Epigenetics and an Overview of the Human Genome

Lauren Few, PhD – Genetic Testing and Test Interpretation

Benjamin Lynch, ND – “Dirty Genes: Born Dirty or Got Dirty?”; “Do Genetics Really Matter? A Case Study”

Paul Anderson, NMD – “Detoxification, ‘detoxigenomics’ and how to use genomics to augment detoxification”; “Neuro-psychiatric genomic influences”