Healthy Aging Series

May 16, June 6, and June 20, 2018

Join NUNM’s Age Wise Institute in discovering natural approaches to geriatric care. This three-part series will provide clinical pearls, case reviews and information to give practitioners confidence to approach and embrace working with older adults.

Fifth Annual Traditional Roots Herbal Conference

May 18–20, 2018

This year’s Traditional Roots Herbal Conference draws on clinical tradition and modern scientific research to offer the best of both worlds. Enrich your knowledge of materia medica, both for general conditions and as applied to clinical cases. We’ll have sessions covering herbal energetics, medicine making, clinical case reviews, bioregional herbalism, organoleptics and field applications.

2018 SIBO Symposium

June 9–10, 2018

The 2018 Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) symposium will explore the underlying causes of SIBO and provide clinical strategies for preventing post-treatment relapse in your patients. Expert presenters will explain how to diagnose and either treat or make educated referrals to effectively manage the underlying causes of bacterial overgrowth.

Pain Management Conference

July 21-22, 2018

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to treat acute and chronic pain in your patients? Are you concerned about opioid over-prescription and addiction? Attend this conference to learn new techniques and strategies for pain management. A variety of treatments for different forms of acute and chronic pain will be presented. Learn about the 2017 updates to the Oregon opioid prescribing guidelines, botanical medicine treatments, non-opioid prescriptions, the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), manual therapy techniques, and more.

Integrative Endocrinology Conference

August 18 – 19, 2018

Medical experts will discuss the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to hormones. Discover how the endocrine system is connected to other major systems in the body through the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases, estrogen and testosterone imbalances, and adrenal insufficiencies.

6th Annual Food as Medicine Symposium

February 16-17, 2019

Join us for the 6th Annual Food as Medicine Conference which will include amazing speakers, a vibrant vendor marketplace, and a delicious, seasonal lunch! This year’s symposium will bring together a diverse group of speakers to discuss the impact food choices have on human health and the environment. Speakers will be presenting on how reshaping our current food system and following sustainable diets can improve our health, our communities, and our environment.