Classical Chinese Medicine Summer Intensive

Learn the practical applications of Bazi Suanming and Qimen Dunjia

Several systems of strategic analysis have been derived from the ancient Chinese text, Yijing (I-Ching), to inform decision-making on essential aspects of life. Two in particular—the Bazi Suanming and Qimen Dunjia—have great value in medicine, and were valuable tools used by the Daoist master physicians Sun Simio and Ge Hong.

Used separately or in combination, these systems can be used to support:

  • Acute and chronic clinical diagnosis
  • Personality analysis
  • Individualized lifestyle recommendations
  • Major life event planning
  • Optimization of each child’s learning potential
  • Individual and partner counseling
  • Crisis management
  • Human resource management

Bazi Suanming “The Calculation of Life According to the Eight Signs” is a sophisticated model of Chinese constitutional and medical chronobiology and chronopsychology that has become the central psychological system of Chinese culture. Through understanding the fundamental relationships between the heavenly stems, hidden heavenly stems, and earthly branches, participants learn the basics of composing and interpreting individual “bazi” charts. This information has highly practical implications for clinical practice.

Qimen Dunjia complements the Bazi Suanming in using the heavenly branches and earthly stems to understand a person’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their predisposition to certain types of disease. Qimen Dunjia can be used to predict what choices an individual can make to support their health and well-being, and is particularly useful when making lifestyle choices related to location and direction.