CCM Summer Intensive Speakers

Dr. Kubny is an expert in the history, theory and practice of the Traditional Chinese Sciences. He is fluent in Chinese and has been initiated into the methods of Taiji Quan, Feng Shui, and Traditional Chinese Astrology (Bazi Suanming) by Chinese masters. He is one of the few Western experts able to read and interpret the visionary texts of classical and modern Chinese literature in the original language. As a result of 10 years of research in the original Chinese sources, Dr. Kubny created the very first textbook of Bazi Suanming in any Western language.



Through 30+ years of self-fashioned study of the ancient Daoist arts, Mr. Gao Fuquan has become an expert in the theory and practice of Feng Shui, Bazi Suanming and Qimen Dunjia. A disciple of renowned Daoist master Wang Qingyu, Mr. Gao has studied more than 2,000 texts on Chinese metaphysical practices. He has applied this ancient wisdom in today’s world to benefit the lives of thousands of clients.