Eating Disorders, Health at Every Size, and Intuitive Eating Workshop

November 2, 2019 | NUNM Campus | RM. 322 & 324

Join us for this one-day workshop to learn about identifying and working with eating disorders in clinical practice, as well as how to incorporate the concepts of Health at Every Size (HAES) and Intuitive Eating (IE).

Two presentation rooms will be occurring simultaneously, with a variety of presentation topics to choose from.

This workshop is in partnership with NUNM students Lana Ferris, ND program and Chelsea Krisanda, CCM program.


  • Spectrum of disordered eating/eating disorders
  • Treatment/assessment of eating disorders throughout the lifespan and recovery process
  • Endocrine Consequences of eating disorders
  • Functional GI diagnoses vs disordered eating
  • What are Intuitive eating and HAES?
  • Weight neutral healthcare practices and how to use HAES/Intuitive eating in practice
  • Intersectionality of gender, sexuality, and eating disorders
  • Diabetes care from a weight neutral perspective

Speakers to date:

  • Julie Foster, DC
  • Suzanne Sanchez, LPC
  • Dr. Samara Stevens, ND
  • Dr. Sara Hopkins, ND, LAc
  • Sarah Alexander, LCSW
  • Dr. Josh Corn, ND
  • Dr. Deaun Nelson, ND